MaxAir 6"x6" HP Crude Oil Valve

Civacon's 6" MaxAir HP Crude Oil High-Performance Internal Air Emergency Valve is engineered to perform in the harsh environments prevalent in crude oil transportation. Its large, field proven, internal air cylinder design features no moving parts in the flow path, for maximum flow rate and and the lowest pressure drop in viscous media.

These valves are manufactured with hard coat anodized aluminum media exposed components for added corrosion protection. The Viton seat provides superior product compatibility. Available in a 90° flanged elbow or flanged tee outlet option.

With no bulky external air cylinder, installation is cleaner and easier, with reduced weight and cost. These valves incorporate a frangible shear groove per 49CFR178.345-8 requirements that is tested per TTMA RP 84 and conforms to all DOT HM183 standards. Also features an integrated air inlet that allows the valve to close if it becomes sheared in the event of a collision. A factory installed fusible plug will melt at a temperature of 212°F (100°C) allowing the valve to also deplete its air pressure. A built-in mechanical jack screw can manually open the valve's poppet if air is ever lost.