GS Series Saf-T Ground

Civacon SAF-T Ground Verification System Accessories are used on Cargo Tanks the load at terminals where the loading rack monitor requires a special modified signal as part of their ground verification operation. We offer a choice of devices and mounting methods to
best suit your application and installation needs.

The Civacon Model GS1000 SAF-T Ground Bolt Kit is an externally frame mounted “Bolt” that wires into the Socket. It is a direct replacement of other similar frame mounted, external to socket Ground Bolts.

Our unique Model GS1001 SAF-T Ground Wire Kit offers the same level of ground verification assurance as a more traditional Ground Bolt, but with the convenience of complete “in socket” mounting for long, trouble free operation away from the weather.

Our Model GS1002 SAF-T Ground Ball is a standalone ground verification “ball” that is compatible with Loading Rack Ground Monitors that are equipped with a unique mating “snap on” ball Plug.