5 Wire Overfill Probes

Civacon’s 5‐Wire Optic Sensor offers the latest digital technology and design features that make this sensor a perfect fit for your Overfill detection needs.

Optic overfill sensors detect the presence of liquid at a preset level. The Civacon 5‐Wire Sensor is fully compatible with all our current 5‐Wire Sensors and Monitors, as well as all industry standard signal formats. These Sensors feature an exclusive, digital electronic circuitry design that will work directly with 5‐Wire loading racks when wired directly to a blue WOGA1 or SAE J‐560 style “optic” socket, as well as with all Onboard Monitors that support 5‐Wire Sensors.

The new 5‐Wire output signal is compatible with the industry standard signal format, which makes it the right choice for any of your 5‐Wire overfill detection sensor applications.