The New OPWlite GRP Composite Tank Sump

Watertight | Stackable | Cost-Effective

A cost-effective watertight solution for typical petrol stations. Newly designed to be stackable during transport and storage, it also offers cost savings in transport and warehouse costs.

The Simple Solution

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is very strong, non-corrosive and will not rust, or deteriorate over time. The new OPWlite GRP tank sump is a watertight, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant solution to provide protection for fuel lines for suction and pressure systems including biofuels while allowing easy secure access for fuel delivery and maintenance.

Vacuum testable during and after installation, it has a guaranteed uniform wall thickness which will not deform under water pressure.

To date, the only barrier to installing GRP composite tank sumps has been the larger initial outlay when compared traditional products, but with the new OPWlite tank sump, even the tightest budget can stretch to a durable composite sump. Components are designed to be stackable during transit to reduce freight and warehouse costs.