SiteSentinel® iSite™ Console

Provides complete tank monitoring, inventory management and environmental compliance through the incorporation of the latest Windows® –based technology, which allows users to view data remotely from anywhere in the world.

The SiteSentinel® iSite™ has been designed to lower installation costs by reducing the number of wires to the probes, sensors and leak-detection devices that are connected to its VSmart Module. In addition, all devices are automatically detected and configured by using the touch-screen interface, making it one of the easiest ATG systems in the industry to install, configure and use.

The SiteSentinel® iSite™ console has been designed to reliably provide connectivity now and in the future. Available ports include: Ethernet, USB and Serial (RS-232, RS-485), and modem communication ports. It is also one of the easiest tank gauges to use, requiring the least amount of training and menu navigation to access critical data.

SiteSentinel® iSite™ has been validated as ready for use with SV (Supervisor View), ForeSite™ IC (Inventory Control) , Fuel Center® and Alarm Management Services.

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Features & Benefits

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