Tester - Models 1397E-1398E

The 1397E-xx tester is a new simple handheld tester for tank trucks equipped with 5-wire overfill sensors. The 1397E-xx tester gives users, the possibility to do a quick diagnosis from the grounding and the overfill sensors. 

The tester is equipped with two LEDS on the back of the plug
One white led (with the text GND)
One bi-color LED (with the text dry/wet)
The white LED informs the user over the grounding status.
LED off: Bad or no grounding
LED flashing: grounding OK
The bi-color LED indicator flashes green when the sensors are permissive.
The bi-color LED indicator flashes red when the sensors are non-permissive.
The flash pattern of the LED indicator depends upon the number of compartments;
LED indicator flashes every 5-seconds Number/times of flashes indicates number of sensors. A long flash of 1-second represents 5-compartments. A short flash of 250 ms represent 1-compartment. Example; 7-compartments is indicated by one long and two short flashes.