API Bottom Loading Arm HL32F, HSL32F, VL32F, VSL32F, M32F

OPW bottom loading arms are designed to accommodate the widest range of possible working envelopes. The working envelope, in which the adaptors on the tank truck are positioned, is described in the API 1004 RP. Regardless of tank truck layout, as long as it is according to API 1004 RP, OPW bottom loading arms can be connected to any of the truck adaptors, and work simultaneous. This important aspect, one of the major advantages of bottom loading, is the result of the comprehensive OPW loading arm design. It allows to load multiple compartments with different petroleum products efficiently at the same time.

OPW bottom loading arms are available in many different configurations to accommodate specific customer requirements. Model HSL32F is equipped with an additional drop hose swivel for added flexibility and increased hose life.