Product Design

We will make your idea into a finished product!

If your product idea needs some final design help, a drawing or a prototype we will help you. If you already have a finished design we can help you design and buy the tooling you need. You can use the services of our product development team to run the whole process from idea to product, or use only the specific services you need.

Our product design engineers are especially competent when it comes to material selection and using advanced production techniques to enhance product design.

Materials Expertise

We understand different materials and how they can and cannot be used in a product design. We can advise on the best material to use for a specific component in order to achieve the desired results: strength/durability, flexibility, elasticity, friction/non-friction, chemical compatibility, color matching and tactical or visual finish.

Some of the materials we use are:

  • Thermoplastics
  • Rubbers
  • Silicones
  • Conductive plastics
  • Metal-plastic combinations

Production Techniques

Sometimes new production techniques enable brand new product designs even in a mature product. OPW Plastic Solutions have an heritage of pioneering and inventing new production techniques such as:

  • Adhesion to different metals and plastics
  • Extrusion of advanced combinations of materials
  • Plastic on steel
  • Conductive plastic materials
By involving our product development team early in the product design process you will increase the probability of taking advantage of the latest available techniques and technology in your products.