Our factory is located in Kungsör, Sweden. The injection molding machines have clamping force from 25 to 500 tons and the extrustion lines produce piping up to 200 mm in diameter. Finishing work, assembly and packing is done manually or by robot.

During the years we have mastered a number of more difficult production techniques such as:

  • Plastic on steel
  • Conductive materials
  • Adhesion to different metals and plastics
  • Extrusion of advanced combinations of materials

Test Lab

Our inhouse test lab can test any product or component according to different standards and requirements, including drop tests, crush tests, aging tests, pull tests and chemical compatibility.

We can also perform MFR tests to ensure the raw material has been process correctly and has retained its properties. MFR tests can be done also on mixed materials.


The tooling department provides service and modifications of injection molding tools without the need to ship tools back to the tool maker.