About Us

Some of our customers and products are:

ABB: Control box, plastic/silicon, receiver, damper, lid, casings, switchers.
Hiab: Wear pads, slide plates.
Volvo: Radiator logo, cab details, ceals, engine part, nut protection.
Car-o-liner: Measurement bushing, measurement sleeves.

We also produce for companies within the OPW and Dover group.

We are certified to  ISO9001 and ISO14001.

In 1996 we created our own brand, KPS Petrol Pipe System, for products for filling stations. For more information visit www.kpsystem.com. Since 2014 we are owned by OPW, a Dover Company. See www.opwglobal.com.


Our long tradition of manufacturing dates back to 1556 when a local sawmill was founded to supply the wood to the Swedish regent Gustav Vasa’s royal manor in Kungsör. By the late 1800's, a wide array of wooden products was manufactured and 30 years later, wooden clothes pegs was one of our best selling products.

historyIn the mid 1950's the sensation of a recyclable, durable and cheap material – plastic – quickly spread across the world. Wooden clothes pegs became a thing of the past, and as the company invested in a new injection moulding machine for producing plastic pegs, the transition from wood to plastic began. Among the milestones from these years is the invention and production of the first piercing screw cap for aluminium foil tubes for food.

In 1978 the company took on the name Kungsörs Plast AB and began extruding. The first product was a fuel hose for SAAB Motors that was soon followed by many other products, such as a silencer for aluminium masts on sailing boats. We pioneered the petrol station business with the first polyethylene pipe, produced by Kungsörs Plast for an English petrol pipe brand.

In 1996 the company cemented its new strategic direction with the launch of the KPS Petrol Pipe System™ brand, positioning KPS as a worldwide supplier of petrol piping. We have grown to become the market leaders, expanding and establishing local offices as we have grown with our customers.

Two of the most recent accomplishments of KPS was in 2005, when we were the first pipe manufacturer to be approved according to EN 14125, and in 2010, when KPS conductive pipe was the first plastic pipe ever to be approved for use in Germany.