Air Interlock Valve - 300 Series

Civacon's New Model 300 Series Air Interlock Valve is the perfect solution for all yew petroleum transport interlock needs. From drive-off protection m APls and Vapor Adaptors, to interlocking
guard bars and cabinet doers, our Model 300 Air Interlock Valve fits right in. The Model 300 valve is a drop-in replacement for our earlier models and for competitive brands. The fit and function remain identical to previous models. Their new durable yet lightweight hard-coat anodized aluminum body, stainless steel internals and hardware deliver extreme durability, extended life and provide superior protection from chemicals and the elements. This completely new design uses industry standard Parker Brand™, premium AS5688 standard O-rings.Our valve features a unique and innovative "closed loop breather” design that requires no vent hole in the rear end cap. This provides a completely sealed design that won’t "breath in” moisture or contamination while in use. Maintenance requirements have been minimized for long, trouble-free operation.