OPW Introduces Brand New 21 Series European Style Fuelling Nozzles!

By OPW | Jan 13, 2021

OPW, a Dover company and a global leader in nozzle design and manufacture for over 125 years, is proud to introduce the all-new 21 Series family of petrol, vapour recovery, diesel, and AdBlue dispensing nozzles. Designed with attractive European styling and refined ergonomic comfort, the 21 Series nozzle is expertly engineered to exceed ATEX and TUV safety standards. 

“Combining form and function, the new OPW 21 Series nozzle gives you a true quality handshake with your customers, backed by world-renowned OPW quality” said Fred Hess, OPW’s EMEA Sales Director “providing much needed competition in the European nozzle market.” 

OPW has been Defining What’s Next since they were founded in 1892 at the dawn of the petroleum age, helping to usher in modern transportation with the introduction of the Model 411 fuelling nozzle, an innovation that became the industry standard and changed how vehicles were refuelled around the world

Since that time, automobiles and the fuelling industry have dramatically evolved, and OPW has been a leader in the advancement of fuelling technology. From the 1950 invention and patent of the world’s first automatic shut-off nozzle that made fuelling safe and efficient for attendants, to the 1984 introduction of the first, patented no-pressure, no-flow 11B fuelling nozzle that made self-serve fuelling and pre-pay possible, to the 1991 introduction of the 11VAI, the first and patented inverted coaxial vapor recovery nozzle that helped protect the air that we breathe while making compliance transparent to the consumer, to the 2018 introduction of the 14 Series, the industry’s first third party approved dripless nozzle technology, OPW continues to set the industry standard for a clean and safe fuelling experience.

Today, one of the largest and most trusted fuelling nozzle brands in the world Define What’s Next with an all new European style nozzle, the 21 Series.  

The 21 Series nozzle is already receiving praise for its form and function. 

“We are very happy with the 21 Series nozzle which gives us and our customers choice, independence and opportunities” said Dimitar Zlatarev, CEO of [OPW distributor] Sisco-M Ltd. Bulgaria’s largest supplier of gas station equipment. “Through SisCo-M Ltd. Bulgaria is one of the first countries to implement the presentation and installation of the new OPW 21 Series nozzles and swivels. Thanks to the new product, there is a competitive nozzle on the market with excellent quality and a new look. Lots of customers have already installed the nozzle and enjoy the full range of OPW 21 Series products. The nozzles come with the well-known exceptional quality of OPW products: top-quality materials, precisely assembled, very durable, precise, clean with no drips and spillage on forecourt, easy to operate, light and modern look, and cost saving.” 

The initial rollout of the 21 Series family is comprised of the following six nozzles: 

OPW 21A: a conventional non-vapour recovery nozzle with a 25mm diesel spout or 21mm (21AP) unleaded petrol spout 

OPW 21B: a conventional non-vapour recovery nozzle with no pressure/no flow device for 25mm diesel or 21mm (21BP) unleaded petrol spouts 

OPW 21AG: an unleaded vapour recovery nozzle without vapour valve or (21AGV) with vapour valve 

OPW 21BG: an unleaded vapour recovery nozzle with no pressure/no flow device without vapour valve or (21BGV) with vapour valve 

OPW 21H: a high-flow truck stop diesel nozzle with 140 LPM and 32mm spout 

OPW 21ADB: an AdBlue nozzle with 19mm spout  

“The 21 Series nozzle provides a superior fuelling experience, engineered to inspire customer preference,” added Hess. “No matter the grade of gasoline, the type of fuel or where you are in the world, OPW provides solutions to keep fuelling stations operating at peak performance and in perfect compliance. Expert local support also comes as standard.” 

For more information on the OPW 21 Series range, please visit www.opwglobal.com/21 

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