OPW Celebrates 20 Years of Flexible Piping Success with Arkema

By OPW | Sep 26, 2016

Industry-changing flexible pipe brings better environmental and economic outcomes

flex worksSMITHFIELD, NC, September 26, 2016 — OPW, a Dover company (NYSE: DOV) and a global leader in fluid handling solutions, anounced today that it is kicking off the 20th anniversary of manufacturing flexible fuel transfer pipe for the retail petroleum industry. OPW and Arkema teamed up in 1996 to create the innovative pipe, PISCES, that was released for commercial use in early 1997.

PISCES was born out of the need for a more environmentally secure pipe solution. For obvious reasons in the late 80s, the fueling industry had transitioned from burying steel pipe underground to using fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) pipe. Rigid fiberglass pipe emerged as a potential replacement solution but suffered design and installation challenges due to the need for mutliple glued joints that presented potential leak points and extensive labor to install. Flex pipe offered a unique joint-less solution. This led to the introduction of PISCES by OPW. Then in 2007, as new requirements were issued by UL Laboratories for flexible fuel pipe and as technology in thermoplastics advanced, OPW moved its pipe manufacturing to Smithfield, NC and launched it Next Generation flexible fuel pipe called FlexWorks.

Both, PISCES and FlexWorks, combined the engineering and manufacturing expertise of OPW with the science, chemistry and advanced plastics knowledge of Arkema. Arkema is a leading provider of polymer-based solutions such as Kynar® PVDF, a key ingredient at the heart of FlexWorks and PISCES. Kynar PVDF has a proven 50-year track record of successfully handling the most demanding chemical applications.

“OPW’s flexible fuel pipe success can be attributed to two primary things: use of the very best materials such as Kynar PVDF and the bonding of all material layers in its design and constuction," said Ed Kammerer, OPW Director of Global Product Management. "From there, everything else falls into place. From the superior environmental benefits to its amazing economic advantage. What began 20 years ago as an idea by OPW was developed into the clear industry leader with the support of Arkema and its Kynar PVDF technology."

Beyond its impervious pipe construction and materials, the FlexWorks’ joint-less pipe design means there are absolutely no uncontained leak points. All connection points are contained within sumps to prevent any fuel from reaching groundwater. FlexWorks also provides outstanding economic benefits to owners. Unlike any other pipe solution, FlexWorks can be inspected and replaced without excavating the fuel site.

To learn more about the environmental and economic benefits of FlexWorks flexible fuel transfer pipe, please visit www.opwglobal.com or contact your local OPW Distributor or call OPW Customer Service at (800) 422-2525.

About OPW:
OPW is a global leader in fluid handling, management, monitoring and control solutions for the safe and efficient handling and distribution of fuels and critical fluids. OPW designs and manufactures the industry’s most complete end-to-end fueling solutions for retail service stations and fleet fueling facilities, including fuel dispensers, payments systems, remote monitoring and data analysis, site automation, electronic tank gauge systems, fleet fuel control systems, car wash systems, piping and containment, access covers, and tank valves and fittings. OPW also designs and manufacturers CNG, Hydrogen, and LPG nozzles and accessories, loading arms, valves and dry-break couplings, tank truck equipment, and rail car valves and equipment. OPW has nearly 4,000 employees with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, Brazil, China and India and sales offices around the world. For more information about OPW, visit our website at www.opwglobal.com.

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