OPW Combines Leading-Edge Vapour Recovery System Technology with FAFNIR VAPORIX

By OPW | Sep 13, 2010
Two Industry Leaders, OPW and FAFNIR Sign Distribution Agreement – Results in Best-In-Class, All-in-One Vapour Recovery Solution for EU and other Global Markets

CINCINNATI, OHIO – OPW Fueling Components announced today that it has reached a long-term, private label distribution agreement with FAFNIR, GmbH to distribute FAFNIR’s VAPORIX Vapour Recovery Performance Monitoring system as part of its new ATEX and TUV Certified Next Generation CVS2 Central Vacuum Stage II Vapor Recovery System.  

This innovative vapour recovery solution is ideally suited for retail petroleum marketers who are faced with upgrading to Stage II vapour recovery in order to meet newly legislated EU and other global vapour recovery compliance requirements. 

This combined technology package offers an unprecedented vapour recovery solution in terms of both the lowest initial investment cost as well as the best long-term overall cost of ownership. The new ATEX and TUV certified Next Generation CVS2 is also the most economical solution for new Stage II site construction.  

Rahul Deshmukh, General Manager of OPW Fueling Components commented, “This is a very exciting and important agreement. By combining our Next Generation CVS2 Central Vacuum System with FAFNIR’s VAPORIX Vapour Recovery Performance Monitoring System, we can offer a single vapour recovery and monitoring solution to help protect the environment, people and marketer profitability.”  

FAFNIR’s Managing Director, Rene Albrecht, commented, “With this combined offering, petroleum operators receive not only a greatly enhanced vapour recovery and compliance solution but also a system that will deliver unprecedented ROI value.”

OPW and FAFNIR products are ATEX and TUV certified and meet all requirements of 21.BlmSchV (German directive). OPW is the leader in central vacuum Stage II vapour recovery technology with the largest install base in the world. OPW’s central vacuum assist system technology is universally accepted as a highly cost-effective vapour recovery solution for both new and retrofit applications.