OPW 71SO CARB/EVR Certified Vapor-Tight Overfill Prevention Valve Installation Video Now Available

By OPW | Jul 27, 2009

CINCINNATI, OHIO – July 27, 2009 – OPW Fueling Components, a Dover Company (NYSE: DOV) and the global leader in commercial and retail fueling equipment, has just released an installation video for its revolutionary OPW 71SO CARB/EVR Certified Vapor-Tight Overfill Prevention Valve. The purpose of the video is to familiarize customers with the proper procedures for assembling and installing the OPW 71SO valve.

The video can be downloaded at: www.opwglobal.com

The video spells out the assembly and installation instructions for the 71SO, including Upper and Lower Tube Assembly, and Valve Installation. Originally launched in 2007, the OPW 71SO Vapor-Tight Overfill Prevention Valve—which has also received Phase I Vapor Recovery System certification from the California Air Resources Board (CARB)—has been designed to prevent the overfill of USTs by providing a positive shut-off of product delivery. Because it requires no epoxy sealants, the 71SO reduces installation time and costs while eliminating the curing hassles associated with hot- and cold-weather installation conditions. This epoxy-free design also provides a higher level of protection against the release of fugitive emissions and pressure-decay failures.

The patented design of the 71SO delivers improved enhanced vapor-recovery compliance by eliminating 10 of 17 potential vapor-leak passages. This is accomplished through the utilization of Polypak seals, blind holes with special taptite screws and a straight threaded joint with a diametric O-ring, all of which remove the need for epoxy sealants during installation. The 71SO also provides performance-enhancing capabilities like the fastest flow rates in the industry and completely automatic operation.

This video is not intended to replace the OPW installation and maintenance instruction documents provided with each 71SO valve. For complete assembly, installation and maintenance, please refer to OPW Document H15524PA.

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