6 Tips to “Drive Clean” on the Road to Car Wash Success from PDQ

By OPW | Jan 18, 2018

Convenience store owners around the world are cleaning up by tapping into the profitable car wash industry. With improved support channels and advanced technology, vehicle wash systems have never been more lucrative. 

Adding or upgrading a car wash to your convenience store can enhance your facility and boost your bottom line. With nearly 80% of each car wash sales dollar representing gross profit, a car wash is one of the most successful investments on the market today.

Here are the key steps to take on your road to success.

1. Maximize Your Property & Profits

Ancillary profit streams can make or break a retail-fueling business. A car wash adds anPDQ Tandem Surfline around-the-clock profit center to any c-store and is one of the best ways to boost the bottom line, while offering convenience for customers. In fact, a car wash is potentially the highest margin feature on the property.

2. Work with a Trusted Partner 

Nothing is more critical to the success of your car wash than an experienced and trusted distributor. Here are the top four areas where a local distributor can help boost uptime and keep the revenue flowing.

  • Preventative Maintenance Support & Service
  • Hardware & Software Expertise
  • Access to Factory Certified Parts
  • Flexible Training Options

3. Make a Splash with a Grand Opening Event

Celebrate all the effort and planning that went into your car wash with a grand opening event. This promotion will allow the community to join the celebration. This not only applies to a new car wash, but also to a retrofit of equipment or any type of site upgrade.

4. Get Tactical with Marketing

Effective marketing campaigns don’t need big league budgets to reach customers and create buzz. Some of the most effective marketing efforts can be done on-site. Retailers can take advantage of customers who are already at a location by reinforcing their choice and encouraging repeat visits. Effective ways to do this include taking advantage of onsite signage and leveraging in-bay wash wall spaces to promote other revenue streams or to sell as advertising space.

Social media can be a great way to establish your car wash as part of the community. In addition to engaging with organizations you support through charity fundraising efforts, you can serve digital ads to targeted audiences that matter most, all while building your following. 

5. Earning Loyalty & Higher Profits

In the highly competitive vehicle wash business, customer loyalty is the key to a successfulPDQ Drive Clean App car wash operation. It’s been proven that loyalty program members are more likely to come back regularly and spend more when they’re at the car wash. PDQ can help build customer loyalty through WALS (Wash Access Loyalty System). Designed specifically for the car wash industry, WALS offers wash operators the flexibility of creating a variety of marketing and loyalty programs to draw in new customers and retain existing ones. Best of all, it lets wash operators implement and manage their loyalty programs online. First, connect with customers. Next, engage them with a loyalty program. Finally, optimize strategies based on the insights gained.

6. Add Features to Enhance the Wash

No two car washes are the same. From location to added features to pricing, every car wash owner has an individual sales strategy. Once you’ve strategically set your base wash price for the area you serve, you’ll be able to increase revenue per vehicle by upselling features that allow customers to customize their wash experience.

Turn an errand into an experience with the 3X Color Foam System. It’s sure to captivate the audience of your customers and any Snapchat user is sure to share the colorful experience with their network. Other enticing features include PDQ’s exclusive Front Bug Prep, Super Sealant System and the TriPlex Wheel Cleaning System.PDQ Car Wash Owner

Drive Clean with PDQ 

Since 1984, PDQ has defined innovation in the vehicle car wash industry. Now, they’re defining what’s next and invite you to join them. Contact PDQ today for more information on how we can help boost your bottom line with the most innovative car wash solutions on the planet.