Partnership with Hannay Reels Strengthened over Decades of Collaboration

By OPW | Apr 04, 2017

Our 125th anniversary is truly a tribute to the People, Partners and Products that have allowed us to build a Legacy of Innovation. Our success and longevity is a direct result of great partnerships, like with Hannay Reels, which have been forged over the past 125 years. Here’s what Eric Hannay, CEO & President of Hannay Reels, had to say about how OPW and “The Reel Leader” have worked together to achieve mutual success.

When I started working at Hannay Reels back in 1993, OPW was already an importantHannay Reels 1 swivel joint supplier on many of our larger hose reels, particularly the 2” and 3” hose ID size range.  Around the same time, Hannay Reels was making its own 1-1/2” swivel joints for fuel oil customers and began looking to outsource this part to a trusted partner so we could concentrate on what we do best: building reels.

OPW already had familiarity with the Hannay joint (“HJ”) and their engineers took the design back to the lab and figured out how to improve the swivel with several tweaks.  They made the necessary capital investments, ensuring they could handle all the variations in inlet size, material, and joint orientation. And then most importantly, they quoted us a fair price.  We have never looked back from that day over 20 years ago.  The swivel is now called the “WHJ Series” in honor of its mixed heritage (“W” for OPW, “H” for Hannay), and now accounts for well over half of our business with OPW.

Customer service, warranty support and engineering have been consistently great during all the years I’ve worked with OPW. We’re proud to congratulate OPW on its 125th anniversary!

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