A Celebration 125 Years in the Making

By OPW | Jan 10, 2017

We’re proud and honored to announce that today kicks off a year-long celebration of our 125th Anniversary – a milestone achievement that very few companies ever have the opportunity to reach and celebrate.

Founded as the Ohio Pattern Works & Foundry Company, we were officially incorporated in 1892, a year in which several other significant events occurred: the first official basketball game was played, the Pledge of Allegiance was first recited in schools and John Philip Sousa began a 12-year tour as director of the U.S. Marine Band, during which time he premiered many of his most famous marches.

Like the sport of basketball, Pledge of Allegiance and Sousa’s marches, we’ve stood the test of time. Founded in Cincinnati through a $390 investment by Victor E. Tresise and Joseph E. Hausfeld, our life began during the Industrial Revolution as a company that created wood and metal patterns for use in the manufacture of everything from grave markers to oil valves.

OPW 125th Anniversary

Over the years, we’ve remained flexible and have been able to thrive by identifying and reacting to changes in the markets we’ve served. Our reputation as the fluid-handling equipment brand of choice has been earned by providing high-quality products that deliver trust and peace-of-mind assurance in the areas of safety, reliability, durability and environmental sustainability in critical fluid-handling operations.

We’ve planned a number of fun events that will take place during the course of this year and are excited to celebrate this monumental milestone with you by paying homage to the People, Partners and Products that have helped make us a global leader in fluid-handling solutions.

Keep your eyes on our 125th Anniversary website as we’ll be sharing updates throughout 2017. We invite you to join the celebration by sharing your memories with us online by using #OPW125. Here's to another 125 years of Leading The Way!