The Newest in Reconnectable Breakaway Technology

By OPW | Jul 08, 2014

Safety breakaways allow hose systems to detach from fuel-dispensing units when pull forces threaten the integrity of the overall system. The result is the release of the hanging hardware (hose, breakaway device and nozzle) from the dispensing unit while simultaneously protecting the environment. Before this technology, drive-away incidents would often pull dispensing units off their islands and create ruptures within fuel stations' above ground and below ground fuel lines. Not only would this present an immediate danger to attendants and customers but the environment as well.

68EZR (2)Breakaways have certainly improved the safety and return on investment for fuel dispensing facilities, but there is also a more advanced form of the breakaway - the reconnectable breakaway. 

Since 1996, reconnectable breakaways have been available for the conventional dispensing market. Their advantage over a traditional safety breakaway is their ability to reattach to a fuel-dispensing unit after a detachment. 

Now OPW has improved its industry leading design and has released the 68EZR. The 68EZR is the fastest and easiest dry reconnectable breakaway to reattach. With the same “Push-Twist-Click” features as the 66REC, the 68EZR requires less force to reattach to the dispensing unit. Operators of all shapes and sizes can now easily reattach the breakaway and restore operating conditions. 

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