The Importance of Utilizing Fuel Site Controllers

By OPW | Mar 19, 2014

Part of the constant responsibility of being a service station and fleet-fuel provider is to ensure that an adequate fuel-supply level is always reliably on hand at any given location so customer demand is always satisfied. To do so, many fuel providers use unattended cardlock fueling sites, which provide automated access to refueling privileges with easy card operation and convenient period billing. However, operating a 24/7 fueling facility demands attention to customer accessibility, product affordability and operational dependability in order to sustain a successful, growing business.

fmsWhen operating multiple fueling facilities, often times across a diverse regional footprint, it is hard to imagine the varying card-based methods a given customer base might employ to pay for its fueling needs. Managing the sheer volume of data coming in for those fuel products, as well as the customer-card information at each site, can be a daunting task. However, providing a diverse array of card options for the widest array of customers is essential to grow a business and ensure accurate data capture and convenient operation to customers.

In order to succeed in the future, many operators utilize fuel management systems, including the FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller from OPW. Fuel site controllers feature the capability to conveniently track and report fueling transactions by driver and/or vehicle. These systems interface with many authorization and commercial fueling networks, as well as proprietary network cards. Fuel site controllers also allow the user to set fueling restrictions that limit specific vehicles to the type of fuel used and quantities purchased, thereby assuring complete fueling-system security, accountability and control.

Fuel site controllers also provide various methods for controlling fuel dispensers, which may feature both mechanical and electronic pumps, along with in-dispenser card readers. In addition, many fuel site controllers offer several exciting new features for special pricing and dollar authorization. This can include the ability for fuel station owners to set price discounts for loyal customers, as well as authorize transactions according to dollar limits instead of quantity, providing better support for network card processing and daily or monthly allocations.

In such a competitive business where the public and fleet managers can choose between dozens of fueling options, the ability to keep your clients happy with convenient and efficient fuel-management and processing capabilities is essential to maintaining the client base. When clients can focus on their core business, and not have to worry about fueling issues, that can be the difference between them becoming a one-stop transaction or a repeat, loyal customer.

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