Challenges On The Rise For Fuel-Site Operators

By OPW | Apr 12, 2013

When it comes to being a fuel-site operator, the challenges go beyond what is normally associated with operations at most businesses. First of all, fuel-site operation costs are rising. Additionally, inventory control can be particularly tricky when dealing with fuel as your main commodity, and you have to keep your finger on the distribution of that inventory, even more so when fuel prices are on the rise.

Fuel is the lifeblood of any fuel-site operation, and the key to profitability lies mainly in the ability to safely and efficiently account for, protect and transport fuel. In order to do this, and in turn drive profitability, fuel-site operators rely on a variety of fuel-control and tank-gauging equipment to streamline important operations, prevent theft, account for fuel levels and tank issues, and control the supply of fuel on a high level.

OPW Is On Your Side

While the costs and complexities associated with operating a fuel site continue to present challenges, OPW Fuel Management Systems is dedicated to providing fuel-site operators with both tank gauge and fuel control systems that help to streamline operations and maximize efficiency, effectiveness and profit. Some of OPW's innovative solutions specifically designed for fuel-site operators include:

  • SiteSentinel™ iSite® - Designed to reliably provide connectivity now and in the future, providing complete tank monitoring, inventory management and environmental compliance through the incorporation of the latest Windows®-based technology.
  • SiteSentinel™ Integra® - Provides complete tank monitoring, inventory management and environmental compliance testing through the incorporation of the latest computer technology, with allows users to view data remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • PetroVend 100™ - A stand-alone, pedestal-mounted system for small or mid-sized fleet-fueling sites that require one- or two-hose control. As a "turnkey system," the unit is designed for quick and easy installation.

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