Missed Us at the NACS Show 2012…Find Out What You Missed Now!

By OPW | Nov 02, 2012

At this year's PEI Convention at the NACS Show (NACS Show), OPW was able to create a tremendous amount of industry buzz while establishing one of its largest show presences in recent memory. Visitors to the NACS Show, which took place from October 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, were able to interact with OPW representatives in a newly designed booth and witness the debut of several new OPW products, including:

  • SiteSentinel® Integra™ Tank Gauge Monitoring System: A fully integrated fuel-site monitoring and testing system designed to be an easy-to-install replacement for legacy tank-gauge systems that have become obsolete due to evolving compliance regulations
  • Dispenser Terminal Control (DTC) Fuel Control System: Provides communication to third-party in-dispenser card reader/terminal (CRIND/CAT) enabling fleet owners to confidently manage and support their fueling operations
  • Petro Vend 100™ Fuel Control System: A stand-alone, pedestal-mounted fuel-control system that is ideal for use by small or mid-sized fleet operations who require one- or two-hose control at their unattended fueling sites
  • 71SO-T Testable Overfill Prevention Valve: The only UST Overfill Prevention Valve that is testable from the surface without removal from the tank, which allows operators to test in 60 seconds versus 60 minutes per tank

NACS Show 2012 Videos

If you missed the OPW booth or were not one of the more than 23,000 visitors to this year's NACS Show, OPW has created several videos highlighting a few of the innovative products that were featured throughout the show. These videos can be accessed by clicking on the links below or by visiting the OPW YouTube page.

What was your favorite new product featured at this year's NACS Show?

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