The Continued Rise Of DEF

By OPW | Aug 08, 2012

The Continued Rise Of DEF

As of July 2012, there were over 600 bulk dispensers located across North America that supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to the trucking industry. In fact, TA Travel Centers of America just announced that it now has over 101 locations equipped with DEF pumps at over 400 fuel lanes; and Love's Travel Stops announced that it now has 782 fuel lanes at 148 locations. With figures like these, it's not surprising that industry experts are confidently predicting that DEF is here to stay, and that it won't be long until it becomes industry standard to sell DEF at every truck stop, dealership and service station in North America.

And as the demand for DEF continues to grow, so too does the need for equipment that has been specifically designed to handle the unique challenges presented in handling DEF. This includes equipment that ensures material compatibility, environmental compliance and safety. In addition, there is also a great need for equipment that helps prevent DEF mis-filling, which can cause serious and expensive engine repairs.

Comprehensive DEF-Handling Solutions

As diesel fleets rapidly adopt DEF, OPW has recognized the importance of the growing DEF market and now provides the most complete line of DEF-compatible equipment available on the market today. With this in mind, OPW has recently released a new DEF Product Brochure that illustrates how OPW is leading the way in providing the most reliable, efficient and comprehensive DEF solutions in the industry.

OPW's DEF products have been designed to eliminate the risks associated with DEF, reduce the chances of environmental contamination and fines, and provide maximum customer and equipment safety. From DEF piping and containment to filling solutions, OPW's DEF product portfolio is the best single source in the industry to cover all your fueling operation from one end to the other. Among others, OPW's DEF product line includes the unique Mis-Filling Prevention Device that provides affordable insurance against the risks of DEF mis-filling, and OPW's revolutionary, industry-standard DEF nozzles, hoses, swivels/breakaways, secondary containment, emergency shear valves and transfer piping.

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