Turning Vapour Into Profits

By OPW | Mar 02, 2012

It has been a long accepted fact of life for station operators around the world that some amount of saleable gasoline will be lost either during the fueling process in the form of vapour escaping into the atmosphere, or during the delivery process when recoverable vapours are returned to the tank of the oil company's delivery trucks. Estimates vary, but it's safe to say that expected vapour losses are between .25 and .35 percent of sales volume.

Aside from the economic price that is paid when the station operator does not adequately recover vapours, there is also an environmental component as well. Even stations that use currently accepted vapour-recovery systems still vent some saleable gasoline vapors into the atmosphere, either naturally or during fueling and delivery. This is another fact of life for station operators, along with the petroleum smell that lingers over their sites as a result of the gasoline vapour that is vented into the air.

The International Vapour Recovery Solution

Recognizing that vapour loss is unacceptable in this age of high fuel costs and increased awareness of environmental protection, OPW Fueling Components has created the Total Vapour Solution, or TVS, to provide an international solution to the vapour recovery conundrum. This revolutionary system is the most effective way available today to convert vapours into saleable fuel and prevent vapours from venting into the atmosphere. The Total Vapour Solution has been designed to ensure that the gasoline vapours created during the delivery or fueling process go back to the storage tanks of the service-station operator, not into the atmosphere or back to the oil company making the fuel delivery. Thanks to its ability to achieve maximum conversion from sale to product, the Total Vapour Solution promises a quick return on investment.

Does your international operation utilize any vapor recovery solutions?

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