Living the College Life

By OPW | Jan 26, 2012

Whether your commercial fueling operation is large or small, many operations have vehicles coming and going all the time. With so much activity, it often becomes difficult for fueling operators to properly track inventory, allocate expenses, monitor deliveries and prevent theft. 

Take a college campus for instance…

College campuses are constantly being cared for and patrolled by a fleet of vehicles – vans and buses to transport students to events and teams to games; police cars to patrol the campus to keep students safe; lawnmowers, gators and skid loaders to perform routine ground maintenance; trucks to haul workers from job to job; and snowplows to keep the streets clean during winter. 

It goes without saying that each vehicle in this fleet needs fuel, and therefore must be properly refueled when necessary. And in these tough economic times, colleges are desperately trying to cut campus spending and increase profits. Properly maintaining control over fueling operations can go a long way in doing so; however, this leaves many fueling operators asking themselves – How can we track the fuel being used by vehicle and by job in order to get a better handle of our fuel costs and supply needs? 

Fuel Management Systems to the Rescue

For an answer to their fuel management conundrum, many fuel operators are turning to fuel management systems. Fuel management systems, like those offered by OPW Fuel Management Systems, help improve the management of fueling operations by eliminating error-prone manual entry systems, significantly improving fuel tracking for tax purposes, allocating fuel expenses for job costing, eliminating fuel theft and improving driver accountability. Fuel management systems also help operators centralize and improve the accuracy of fuel inventory management through automated collection of storage, inventories and deliveries to let operators know where and when vehicles are being fueled. 

Is your operation utilizing a fuel management system?

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