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By OPW | Jun 14, 2011


At OPW, we've been known for our One Company. One World. One Source™ slogan for quite some time now. Personally, we like our slogan and feel it sums up OPW's evolution and efforts over the past few decades. However, we'd like to revise that slightly to add "One Voice" as another key element to our effort moving forward. You see, the world is rapidly changing and global communications are at an all-time high. With the growth of smartphones and various other communication technologies available today, the importance of instant two-way communication has never been greater.  

With this in mind, welcome to OPW's "One Voice" blog. The purpose of the One Voice blog is to engage you. Whether you're an employee, distributor, end-user or industry professional, we all have a "voice" on the topics that are impacting you every day.

The One Voice blog will serve as a way for professionals within the petroleum industry to provide feedback to OPW on an open platform. In addition, we hope the One Voice blog can help us connect with the industry on a more personal level, sparking some great conversation and feedback.

We plan to post on a bi-weekly basis, typically every other Wednesday, but will also post any relevant petroleum equipment industry news as it happens. Our typical posts will focus on the petroleum equipment side of the industry, but will also touch on other relevant industry news. 

Remember, we encourage all of you to comment on posts to spark ideas and further discussion. We will also consider topic requests that are important to you. 

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