OPW Fluid Transfer Group Products Safeguard People and the Environment in Shale Oil Drilling Applications

By OPW | Feb 25, 2016

Mason, OH – OPW Fluid Transfer Group (OPWFTG), a Dover Company (NYSE: DOV), announced today that its industry-leading rail and tank truck fluid handling products, as well as its dry disconnect products are designed to provide optimum safety and environmental protection to the growing shale oil and gas drilling activities in North America.

"E&P companies are placing significant emphasis on personnel safety and environmental protection at their shale drilling sites," said OPWFTG president Tim Warning. "Our fluid handling products and company mantra, Zero Harm – Safeguarding People and the Environmentresonates with these folks because we help them achieve these goals. These wells require a significant number of temporary hoses, and each hose has to be connected and disconnected repeatedly. Our dry disconnect products help operators reduce on-site human error and virtually eliminate any kind of liquid discharge during this connection/disconnection process."

OPWFTG offers a wide range of dry disconnect solutions through its OPW Engineered Systems and Hiltap brand offerings.

"In addition to dry disconnect products, we have also seen substantial increased interest for our rail car, tank truck and loading arm products," Mr. Warning added. "With the rapid pace of drilling oil, production is outstripping existing pipeline take-away capacity so shippers are turning to crude-by-rail and crude-by-truck to get their oil to market quickly. Our API adaptors and couplers, manifold systems, rail manholes, bottom outlet valves, and emergency vents and valves ensure that they can safely and efficiently load, transport and unload their shale oil. Shippers appreciate the fast, flexible, speed-to-market benefits truck and rail offer them."

As shale oil and gas activity continues to increase, Mr. Warning says OPWFTG remains dedicated to setting the industry standard for quality assurance and rapid responsiveness so that its extensive line of fluid handling solutions are always readily available to companies who share OPW's commitment to safeguarding people and the environment in their daily operations.

In Mr. Warning's closing remarks he stated that, "We are proud that our contribution to the growing shale oil and gas effort will be, in part, to ensure that we not only help companies optimize the flow of shale oil progress, but help them do it safely, expediently and with the highest level of environmental stewardship."

To learn more about OPWFTG and its product offering in the shale oil and gas industry, please visit www.opwshaleoil.com.

OPW Fluid Transfer Group is part of Dover Corporation and comprised of market-leading operating companies, each dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing world-class solutions that assist in the safe and efficient handling of hazardous bulk products. The Group is comprised of two business units: OPWFTG Global Transportation Business Unit and OPWFTG Global Chemical & Industrial Business Unit. The company’s market-leading brands include: OPW Engineered Systems, Midland Manufacturing, Civacon, Knappco and Hiltap Fittings. The company has manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, Brazil and India and sales offices in Singapore and Shanghai. For more information, please visit www.opwftg.com.

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