OPW Introduces NGVLB Vent Line Breakaway For CNG Fueling Applications

By OPW | Feb 28, 2014

CINCINNATI, OH – OPW, a Dover Company (NYSE: DOV) and the global leader in fluid-handling solutions, is proud to announce the availability of the new NGVLB Model CNG Vent Line Breakaway, which is a direct upgrade and replacement for OPW’s VLB Vent Line Breakaway. 

The NGVLB is an in-line breakaway that fits into the vent-side of the CNG fueling hose. The NGVLB’s main operational advantage for the CNG-handler is that it is pressure-balanced to 18,129 psi (1,250 bar), which eliminates nuisance separation due to pressure surges in the CNG dispensing system during the venting sequence of the fueling operation. The NGVLB is designed for use in conjunction with any of OPW’s family of high-pressure Fill Line Breakaways in CNG applications at service pressures up to 3,600 psi (250 bar). Because of a similar length to the VLB model, it is quick and easy for operators to perform a like-for-like replacement with the NGVLB model.

The body and internal components of the NGVLB are constructed of stainless steel with specially formulated seals, which provides improved performance, durability and corrosion-resistance when used in harsh operating environments and at X temperatures between -40ºF and 185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC). In the event of a drive-away incident, the NGVLB is reconnectable without tools, which means it can be reused, resulting in reduced maintenance costs. The NGVLB’s passive design also allows pressure to move freely through the vent line, which allows for smoother disconnection of the CNG nozzle. If a drive-away incident does occur, the NGVLB separates with only 40 lbs. ± 15 lbs. (178N) of disconnection force. If repairs are required, NGVLB seal and spring replacement kits are available for in-the-field maintenance.

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