The Gold Standard in Fuel Pipe for 15 Years!

By OPW | Jun 12, 2012

SMITHFIELD, NC – OPW is pleased to celebrate our 15th anniversary in the underground piping business. A lot of manufacturers have come and gone in this market as is typical when new technologies emerge. One constant, however, has been OPW’s ability to supply the most reliable and best performing systems in the industry.

The secret of our success is really no secret at all. We started out in 1997 by introducing fully bonded piping construction, and we used only the best available material for our pipe. Of course, we’re talking about KYNAR® (PVDF). We were able to look over the horizon those many years ago and anticipate the fuels and conditions that these pipes would encounter.

While others made the decision to use less sophisticated resins, it was really an easy decision for OPW to go with KYNAR® (PVDF). With a 50 year track record, and a chemical resistance chart showing sheer domination of any liquid with even a remote chance of finding its way into a motor fuel, we knew KYNAR® (PVDF) would perform flawlessly. And it has! Even the automakers are now supplementing their fuel line construction with KYNAR® (PVDF) barrier layers as they realized that traditional resins like Nylon 12 could no longer do the job in the face of alcohol fuels and biodiesel.

Our new brochure highlights the performance differences between Nylon 12 and KYNAR® (PVDF) in alcohol fuels. The data comes from internal tests performed by a large manufacturer of both KYNAR® (PVDF) and Nylon 12. You will see that KYNAR® (PVDF) outperforms Nylon 12 by exponential margins. The data shows that alcohol fuels can degrade the physical properties of Nylon 12. There is no effect on KYNAR® (PVDF) even in the nastiest blends. Just more confirmation of our easy decision all those years ago. That easy decision has protected our customers for 15 years, and will continue to serve them well in the future regardless of what new fuels and additives appear. Happy Anniversary indeed!

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