OPW FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller Now PCI Compliant

By OPW | Mar 23, 2010

OPW Fuel Management Systems, part of OPW Fueling Components and one of the world’s leaders in the design and manufacture of tank gauges and automated fuel-control systems, is proud to announce that it has redesigned the setup and configuration control, user access and data access for its FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller product to be compliant with Visa U.S.A. Payment Application Best Practices (PABP)/Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS) guidelines. The FSC3000 is the heart of several OPW fuel-management systems and can be integrated directly into the K800 Hybrid™, FIT500™ and C/OPT™ fuel-island terminals, or provided as a stand-alone controller. The FSC3000 stores transaction data, and driver and vehicle records, including fueling-restriction data that is critical to proper fleet management.

Formed in 2006 as a joint venture of Visa, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International and MasterCard, the PCI Security Standards Council is an open global forum that is responsible for the development, management, education and awareness of several PCI security standards, including PA-DSS, that are aimed at merchants and organizations that store, process or transmit cardholder data. Specifically, PA-DSS is for software designers and integrators of payment applications that store, process or transmit cardholder data as part of authorization or settlement when these applications are sold, distributed or licensed to third parties.

To communicate these guidelines to its customers, OPW Fuel Management Systems has produced the “Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS) Implementation Guide for Maintaining PCI Compliance on the FSC3000 Fuel Site Controller.” This guide will now be included as a standard part of the packaging for all FSC3000 end-users. The “PA-DSS Implementation Guide” provides the end-user with the proper use, setup and maintenance of the FSC3000, all while satisfying PABP/PCI PA-DSS requirements. OPW has designed the FSC3000 to be flexible and support the vast range of features that have been requested by its customers. OPW has incorporated the tenets of PA-DSS compliance into FSC3000 operation without adversely affecting the daily operations of end-users who process bankcards, as well as those who don’t.

For more information about FSC3000™ fuel site controller, or K800 Hybrid™, FIT500™ and C/OPT™ fuel-island terminals, please go to www.OPWGlobal.com or contact your local representative.