KPS Provides Easy-Install Safe Fuel Delivery System for Maldives Island’s Sole Energy Source

By OPW | Oct 02, 2017

As part of an overhaul of a holiday island by a Czech Entrepreneur, KPS provided a long-term petrol piping solution to supply their sole energy source. 

mfd-installer-friendly-piping     mfd-shipping-dependent-fuel

Like a number of small islands this one is completely dependent upon fuel stored in over ground tanks, which is shipped in and used to refuel boats and power generators, producing energy for the entire island. KPS provided a safe, easy-install solution to replace existing corroding metal pipework. The double wall conductive pipe carries fuel from the delivery jetty to storage, then to refuelling jetties for boats.

Ensuring no permeation of fuel, and requiring the minimum possible number of welds, KPS pipes are completely unreactive and provide safe grounding in the event of static electricity. The island and idyllic holiday resort now have a reliable discreet energy source with no danger to surrounding wildlife.

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