Bottom Loading Arms for Liquefied Gases

The comprehensive range of OPW top and bottom loading arms for liquefied gases are designed to offer maximum flexibility and safety during (off)loading operations. Applications are found in the transfer of LPG, Gas condensate and similar media into railcars or tank trucks. Connections can be made at the rear, side or top. Typically consisting of a product and vapour arm the set is mounted on a stand post. A set generally consists of a 3"/dn80 product arm and 2"/dn50 vapour arm. For higher throughputs a 4"/dn100 product arm with 3"/dn80 vapour arm is available.

Shut-off or loading valve, purge or relief line, safety break away coupler as well as position indication and parking lock are often selected as useful options. Coupling systems to accommodate any customer standard are available.

When not in use the unit can be folded together for convenient, compact storage away from the traffic flow.