1005E API Bottom Loading Coupler

The Safer, Cleaner, Faster Way to Load Your Transport

The 1005E3/1004D3 is the latest generation in API bottom -loading couplers from OPW. A proven performer at major oil terminals around the world, the 1005E3 incorporates several new features that make it the most user-friendly coupler on the market.

Safer 5-Cam Design

Ensures easy alignment; tight connection to adaptor and resists side forces during loading

Fully Interlocked

Dual interlocks ensure that the 1005E3 cannot be opened unless it is properly connected to an API adaptor


Superior Cleaning

Simple and reliable smart-seal design consisting of dual high-performance O-rings

High-Performance Seals

Special Fluorocarbon seal compound provides compatibility across most products including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol*

Faster Maintenance

  • All pins and small threads have been eliminated to provide quick, easy access to all critical components
  • Nose seal can be replaced easily without having to remove coupler from rack
  • No special tools required
  • Can be completely rebuilt in minutes

New stainless steel “ergo” handle design provides easy, smooth operation

*Other seals available upon request