LQC SERIES - “Twister®” Locking Quick Connect

The Twister® LQC is the next generation of quick couplings designed as an option to replace conventional cam & groove couplings that are used in critical service applications. The Twister LQC is engineered to be used in conjunction with hoses and loading arms.

The power of the Twister® LQC is not only how it connects, but also how it stays connected. A quarter turn of the LQC onto a pipe allows a nipple to engage within a recessed area of the adaptor's hook-shaped design. Pressure or vacuum within the line keeps the nipple secure in the hooked area of the adaptor. This patented design maintains a secure connection in high or low pressure uses.

After removing all line pressure, the LQC disengages by rotating the coupler a quarter turn. Disengagement is achieved by hand with no need of special tools or equipment – another advantage of the Twister® LQC.

The Twister® LQC is available in a variety of materials to meet your specific application needs, including: stainless steel, cold temperature carbon steel and aluminum.