KPS 110 мм 4" Трубопровод

Pipeline system KPS Petrol Pipe System ™ is the most advanced and easy-to-install system of double-walled pipeline for filling stations. The assortment of equipment meets  any requirements for pipelines of filling stations: Remote drainage, pressure and suction systems, ventilation, vapor recovery and conduits. The KPS pipeline with zero hydrocarbon penetration does not allow fuel leakage.

The conductive properties of the KPS pipelines provide unsurpassed electrostatic safety when used with conventional, modern and promising biofuels. KPS conductive pipelines comply with ATEX and IEC recommendations, increase safety and simplify installation at the plant.

Due to the constant development of KPS double-walled fittings,  due to their compactness and ease of installation, they outstrip any similar offers on the market. For this reason, many installers prefer KPS pipelines to other brands.

The KPS Petrol Pipe System ™ piping system is TÜV certified, and also EN 14125, ATEX 137 and EN 13463-1, and other national and industry standards.