Civacon Control Box

The pre-assembled control box comes fully equipped and ready to mount. The unit contains an Onboard Monitor, Dual Socket and Pneumatic Air Control Panel. Installation time is drastically reduced, simply bolt control box, connect the air lines and plug into your ROMLink system.

The Civacon Control Box was designed with convenience in mind. This control box comes equipped with Onboard Overfill Equipment as well as a Pneumatic Air Control Panel. These industry standard components are conveniently housed in either a vertical or horizontal aluminum control box, which is pre-assembled and tested by Civacon and ready for simple installation.

This all-in-one control box greatly reduces complexity, installation time and sourcing. With mounting brackets included, both the control box to the trailer, connect the air lines to the pre-installed DOT air fittings and plug in the ROMLink overfill wiring system.

All air lines and electrical connections are accessed through a removable access panel located on the back of the Control Box making installation and servicing hassle free.