LaserJuice® - the best chemistry for PDQ touch-free equipment
(not available in North America).


The PDQ LaserJuice® System - A series of engineered wash solutions developed and marketed exclusively for the PDQ LaserJet™ and LaserWash® 360 systems. Built from a five year program searching for the best chemistry for touchless cleaning that offered superior performance that was safe for vehicles, operators and the environment.

c_LaserJuiceLaserJuice chemicals are scaleable to meet your needs. You may choose to use just the LaserJuice 23 Base Cleaner and the LaserJuice 73 Gloss Finish products. Alternatively, we now offer a family of products designed to provide additional services to your customers and ultimately additional revenues to you. LaserJuice 11 Bug Softener, LaserJuice 15 Wheel Cleaner, or LaserJuice 18 Underbody Armor are only a few of the new products designed to help you produce a superior product for your customers - A Clean Shiny Dry Car.

LaserJuice not available in North America. Information contained herein subject to change without notice.

Key Features

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Cutting edge detergents manufactured through formulations that place considerable attention on man and low environmental impact.
  • Cleaning surfactants are naturally derived and biodegradable - No synthetic chemicals are used.
  • Industry leading product safety - listed as "irritant" only while most car wash cleaning solutions are "corrosive".
  • Meets and exceeds most municipal waste stream requirements meaning no additional equipment or processes are needed.
  • All products comply with Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH).
  • Packaged in easy to handle and transport 20 Kg containers.

A Partnership of Success

Revello was founded in 1984 by Mauro Revello. He dedicated the business exclusively to the carwash sector focusing on the automatic carwash. Revello succeeded by offering innovative new detergents and cutting edge formulations that place considerable attention on man and low environmental impact. PDQ Manufacturing witnessed the success Mr. Revello was having using his specialized detergents with our state of the art PDQ Laser Jet and LaserWash 360 product lines and immediately saw an opportunity to partner with Revello. We feel that with the size and support of PDQ Manufacturing and the specialized technologies of Revello, the cleaning results are second to none. Together we can help you produce a CLEAN, SHINY, DRY vehicle.

LaserJuice 23 Base Cleaner

A high performance single step cleaning solution that combines all natural biodegradable ingredients into a highly engineered formulation that optimizes cleaning in a PDQ LaserJet or LaserWash touch-free system. Initially developed for PDQ touch-free systems in Europe, the product offers the safest chemistry for the vehicle, the equipment, the operator and the environment.

  • c_LaserJuice_23Single step application engineered to provide performance that competitors are not able to achieve using slower two step applications.
  • Unique "stay wet" foaming action allows the product to continue to work on the surface for up to 30 seconds after application. Dirt can be seen running from the vehicle as the product loosens and binds itself to the soil for easy high pressure removal.
  • Hard water tolerance provides no reduction in effectiveness up to 250 ppm (25 French degrees). This often reduces the need for water softening equipment.

LaserJuice 73 Gloss Finish

Developed to maximize the vehicle shine for the vehicle as consumers often connect shine to clean and a valuable wash experience. The quick applying product creates a non-oily sealant layer that effectively repels water and aids in drying.

  • c_LaserJuice_73Immediate vehicle surface "adhesion" - no need for product dwell.
  • All naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients. No synthetic chemicals are used.
  • Easy to rinse application helps improve effectiveness of final fresh water or spot free rinsing services.
  • Colorless on the vehicle and non-staining.

LaserJuice Family of Products

LaserJuice 11 Bug Softener

Detergent for the complete removal of insects from the body and windshield.

LaserJuice 15 Wheel Cleaner

Rim cleaner used during the winter in self-jet car washes. It removes heavy dirt and deposits from the rims and the lower part of the body.

LaserJuice 18 Underbody

Underbody protectant protects the vehicle from rust.

LaserJuice 42 Sharp Cleaner

Sharp cleaner provides a cleaning "boost" in difficult cleaning situations.

LaserJuice 57 Foaming Conditioner

Colored foaming detergent with snow effect, suitable for foam systems in car wash facilities. Available in Blue, Red and Yellow.

LaserJuice 62 Gloss Polish

Foam product suitable for polishing systems in car wash facilities. The wax effect is very bright and protective for the body and prevents the formation of rust on the unpainted or peeling parts. Facilitates the flow of drops in case of rain.

LaserJuice 78 Super Armor

The ultimate protectant. Provides long lasting protection for your vehicles.

LaserJuice 82 Beading Rinse

Self-drying waterproof wax for car wash facilities. Fast drying and extra-shiny, it prevents the formation of stains and spots.


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