LaserH2O® Reverse Osmosis System


40% less reject generated as compared to competing systems.
Isn't it time you stopped wasting water?


The LaserH2O® Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are complete, electronically controlled, skid-mounted units that incorporate all of the water pretreatment operations necessary to ensure high-quality product water. The low-pressure, high-efficiency design provides an industry-leading water recovery of 70%. With no operational adjustments necessary due to the unique auto-adjusting flow-control system, the units are hassle-free. The units simply plug into a standard dedicated 115V, 20A wall outlet.

c_laserh2oMost RO systems look alike, cost alike and perform alike. Once a system is in place, it seldom is scrutinized to see whether it continues to meet an operator's requirements, or how it results in lower overall cost in the long run when it is treated as a commodity item. Recurring problems, membrane fouling, part replacements, frequent cleaning and general maintenance increase the hidden cost of operation. Water quality is extremely important to the car wash process and, above all, the availability of a water-quality system is even more crucial. In the ultimate analysis, an operator can pay a lot more than just the initial purchase price to keep an RO system functioning as intended.

Recognizing these issues, PDQ configured a robust and well-proven design for the LaserH2O RO System. This system utilizes an ultra high-efficiency membrane technology that allows the use of super-low-horsepower pumps, thereby making its operation more efficient. The unit is mounted on a durable powder-coated steel structure with 115V electrical service to ensure simple installation. It does not require a separate pretreatment unit; instead it utilizes unique 2-in-1 media and carbon filters that can treat up to 70,000 gallons each. An antiscalant injection system is also available for areas where water hardness exceeds 150 mg/l (9 grains). PDQ's LaserH2O system also operates at up to 70% recovery, meaning less wastewater, and is available in three sizes of 3000, 5000 and 7000 gallons per day of spot-free product water.

Key Features

  • Can produce 10 gallons of Spot Free from only 14.28 gallons of feed water
  • 1000 gallons of Spot Free uses only 5.3kWh of electricity
  • Plugs into standard 115V outlet
  • Self-adjusting flow-control
  • No water softener resin required (if below 24 grains)
  • Less feed water consumption means less money wasted
  • Lower operating pressure means longer system life
  • Available in three sizes: 3000, 5000, & 7000 gallons per day
  • Download the Brochure for more detailed specs

Information contained herein subject to change without notice. Savings are site specific and dependent on inlet TDS and other factors.

Why choose the PDQ LaserH2O® RO System? Here are 11 good reasons:

  1. 98% Salt Rejection
    Membranes reject 98% salt content of the influent feed water.
  2. Higher Throughput at Lower Pressure
    This translates directly into electricity savings - up to $1600 per year.
  3. 70% System Recovery
    For every 10 gallons of spot free our system makes, only 4.28 gallons of waste water is generated. Competing systems generate 10 gallons of waste water for every 10 gallons of spot free, which is more money down the drain.
  4. No Water Softener Required
    Our systems do not need a softener if water hardness is below 400 mg/l (24 grains). Anti-scalant is required for hardness levels between 150-400 mg/l (9-24 grains).
  5. Single Phase Connection
    Plugs into a standard wall socket (115V, 20A).
  6. Non-Corrosive Housings for Membranes
    Well proven in the field. PVC is durable against chloride attack, thereby eliminating problems of rust formation.
  7. Built-In Reject Recycle
    Flushing of the membrane happens after the system is shut down. This procedure keeps the membranes cleaner and prolongs their life.
  8. Self-Regulating Orifice
    Controls output and avoids the use of excessive instrumentation such as fluid controls on the discharge line.
  9. Very Little Instrumentation
    Less to manage, less to go wrong.
  10. Packaged Delivery
    Transportation charges for RO systems shipped separately range from $400-500. Shipping from one source eliminates this cost.
  11. Superior Design
    Durable skid-mounted, powder-coated steel structure with 115V electrical service.

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