OPW Provides Customers Two Touchless In-Bay Car Wash Options: The Kondor and LaserWash® 360 Plus

By OPW | Mar 19, 2021

When it comes to Touchless In-Bay Automatic Wash Systems, OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions offers customers two unique options: the Belanger Kondor and the PDQ LaserWash 360. Both take what has been accepted as reliable and safe performance in a touchless wash and upped the ante through the development and incorporation of a number of new standard-setting features. The result is a winning set of choices for vehicle wash operators who want to offer their customers the best in a touchless in-bay automatic wash experience. 

The Kondor from Belanger

From the Belanger product line, the Kondor Touchless In-Bay Automatic Wash System is available in one-arm (KL1) and two-arm (KL2) models. The KL1 offers smooth one-arm operation, while the KL2 increases the level of navigational certainty and allows simultaneous chemical application and rinsing.

The design of the Kondor wash system also sets it apart. The narrow overhead rails create an inverted runway that helps guide the driver into the proper position. Then, the compact carriage head creates a comfortable wash experience for the customer, while also making it easier for the operator to diagnose any operational issues that may arise. Auto-resetting breakaway arms can move in four directions, which enhances the system’s ability to prevent catastrophic machine damage due to inadvertent vehicle strikes and the downtime and costly repairs that result from them. Additionally, the galvanized travel rail and 25-horsepower motor and CAT 35/35 pump help extend service life and provide a quicker ROI.

The wash process is optimized with highly accurate wash-solution delivery injectors for two presoak cycles, as well as a finishing wax application. Other application options include Triple Foam, Spot-Free Rinse, additional waxes and bug spray.

The LaserWash® 360 Plus from PDQ

PDQ has taken the 35 years of outstanding performance in its LaserWash system and added enhancements to create the LaserWash® 360 Plus In-Bay Automatic Car Wash, setting a new performance standard through its Smart 360 Technology that provides machine responsiveness to the dynamic conditions in the wash bay.

Specifically, the Smart360 Cleaning System provides better wash coverage with its rounded arch corner, optimized chemical application timing and tilting arch functions. The Smart360 Arch Control System provides an easier, less stressful entrance into the wash bay with quicker throughput rates by intelligently moving around the complete vehicle perimeter for more thorough coverage. The integrated Smart360 Drying System delivers PDQ’s unique FlashDry service that streamlines the amount of time needed to perform basic drying functions.

All of these Smart360 features can be managed and monitored through the system’s Smart360 Networking capabilities. This consists of a modern, easy-to-use web browser interface that allows wash operators to access all of the LaserWash 360 Plus’ key operating functions and reports from anywhere in the world. It also enables the operator to change wash packages, view performance and trend reports, and monitor all machine functions with a few clicks of a mouse from any internet browser.


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