c_3-brush-rollover-iconThe PDQ ProTouch Series just became a more formidable force in the friction in-bay automatic car wash industry. With the introduction of the ProTouch ICON, PDQ is now capable of offering another option to meet all of your soft-touch in-bay automatic needs. The ProTouch ICON is a new three-brush gantry-style system that offers superior aesthetics, a larger wash envelope, next generation brush control precision, amazing illumination packages and revenue generating features that are synonymous with all PDQ car wash equipment.

The ProTouch ICON was engineered to deliver incredible cleaning results using several “industry first” innovations that are unsurpassed by any other gantry-style rollover on the market today. ProTouch ICON – the next generation in vehicle cleaning systems – by PDQ Manufacturing, Inc.

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The ProTouch ICON - unlike any other soft-touch gantry.

Key Features

  • ProGlow Illumination Effect System
  • ProFlow Pressurized Fluid System
  • ProFlow High Pressure Pump Station
  • ProLoad Vehicle Loading System
  • Touch/Touchless Bi-Directional Wheel Scrubs
  • Swing Air Oscillating Drying System
  • Fully Retracting Brushes
  • More Services - 3X Foam, Super Sealant, Rain Rinse Arch, Bug Prep
  • E-Chain Utility Routing
  • Built-in Web Interface for Updating, Reporting & Monitoring

Gen5 Intelligent Brush Control

c_vfdBuilding off of the advances that PDQ made with the ProTouch Tandem, the ProTouch ICON delivers additional cleaning and improvements through the use of superior electronic torque control and enhanced machine positioning recognition capabilities that allow the ICON to provide a superior cleaning scenario for all vehicle types and configurations.

Gen5 Intelligent Brush Control offers the following features:

  • With our closed cell foam brush material, the ProTouch ICON offers one of the quietest washes in the industry with very gentle vehicle contact to ensure that your customers have a worry-free and enjoyable experience every time they visit your wash.
  • Sophisticated software that can monitor over 20 brush conditions ensuring the brushes provide optimal contact, orientation and speed allowing your customers to receive the cleanest vehicle every time.
  • The gantry and trolleys are integrated with Gen5 intelligent brush control working in synchronization to position the brushes for the best cleaning as they move along and around the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is constantly monitored for items such as wipers, mirrors, roof racks, hitches and other obstacles using constant feedback from the innovative electronic brush torque control feature.
  • The ProTouch ICON allows you to overlap brush movements along the front and rear of the vehicle to eliminate "skunk striping" that can occur with other gantry style machines.
  • c_gen5-brush-controlThe ICON has the industry's only "top biased" overhead brush that will return to its upper position during a power failure to provide your customers a way to exit the wash bay safely, eliminating any damage to the vehicle or wash equipment.
  • With Gen5 brush control, the side and top brushes can be programmed to rotate in opposite directions on the same pass or in one direction on a front to back cycle and the reverse direction from the back to front return pass, giving you the ultimate flexibility for creating effective wash packages.

c_gen5-sheetThe precision and technology introduced by the Gen5 Intelligent Brush Control on the ProTouch ICON takes cleaning to a new level …. Through the Power of PDQ!

Wheel Cleaning System

c_wheel_scrub_blastOne of the most sensitive areas for customers to have cleaned when they visit your wash site, is the wheels. Your customers are willing to pay more to have their dirty wheels cleaned and with the ICON you have multiple cleaning options that will satisfy even the most demanding consumer. The ProTouch ICON Wheel Cleaning System allows you to choose the method that is best for your market area.

Available as chemical only, touchless or scrubbing brush, with either low pressure or high pressure, or you can offer an "all in" approach that incorporates a combination of options to deliver the ultimate wheel cleaning package.

c_wheel_scrubThe counter-rotating brushes have the longest dual-telescoping extension that can reach even the smallest Smart Car no matter how it is parked in the bay. The wheel scrubbers effectively reach into the many different styles of rims available while a center water flush provides lubrication and removal of loosened dirt. You also have the option to apply a wheel cleaning chemical early in the wash program that will loosen the soils to make scrubbing or high pressure washing more effective.

ProGlow Illumination Effect System

c_proloadEvery ProTouch ICON includes the loading system illumination package that effectively guides your customers through the vehicle entering and exiting process. Combined with the audio system these bright, clear and informative messages provide easy to understand guidance for your customers, to ensure a simple and safe wash process.

In addition to the standard loading system illumination package the ProTouch ICON offers additional illumination options that will delight your customers and allow you to differentiate your site from your competitors.

  • ProGlow Portal Entry Illumination - The brilliant LED lighting portals provide even greater assistance to your customers during the loading process and offers you the ability to program lighting sequences that enhances the overall wash experience for customers while they are in the wash bay
  • ProGlow Projection Illumination - With the addition of LED lighting in the overhead bridge the projection illumination system uses engineered optical technology that combines light with the wash service on the surface of the vehicle giving an incredible and memorable car wash experience
  • ProGlow Exit Illumination - Brilliant LED lighting is mounted to back of the gantry bridge to provide your customers a final memorable view of your wash bay as they exit the site

c_proglow_portalThe ProGlow illumination system can be configured to work for you 24/7/365 illuminating your bay day and night whether your vehicle wash is in use or not! The system can be programmed to display multiple combinations of colors, flashing patterns or constant colored illumination that matches your brand colors. A Glow from your wash bay can be a highly effective marketing tool to draw more attention to your wash site encouraging consumers take notice and keep your existing customers coming back again and again. Get your wash noticed 24 hours a day with the ProGlow illumination system.

ProFlow Pressurized Fluid System

c_proflow_panelPDQ is well recognized for the superior manner in which they apply fluids and sealants to vehicles with their touchless LaserWash® wash systems. With the incorporation of the ProFlow Pressurized Fluid System for chemical applications, the ProTouch ICON is also equipped to offer the same high precision pressurized fluid process for chemical application consistency resulting in superior cleaning performance and greater cost control.

c_proflowThe standard ProTouch ICON comes equipped with a full vehicle body spray manifold for applying presoaks, protectant applications and for thorough rinsing. The stainless steel applicator has nozzles positioned to maximize vehicle coverage. In addition to these standard services, the ProTouch ICON offers a full complement of others options that your customers have become accustom to and expect at your wash sites. Items such as; Productivity Rinse Manifolds, Front Bug Prep Systems, 3X Color Foam, as well as Super Sealants allows you to up-sell your customers for improved profitability and repeat business.

ProFlow HP

c_proflow_hp_aPDQ’s high-pressure cleaning technology offers an exceptional wash experience for your customers with the ProFlow HP options available on the ProTouch ICON. High pressure and high flow combined with 14 rotating nozzles for effective removal of stubborn dirt or snow removal from the sides of your customer’s vehicles. An additional 8 high pressure nozzles can be selected for superior cleaning of wheels, running boards and rocker panels. An experience that will delight your customers as they feel the difference. Powered by a workhorse pumping system, the ProFlow HP module and options provide operators the extra “kick” that is needed at times and an effect that your customers will remember and reward you by coming back again and again.

Drying Options

The ProTouch ICON can be partnered with a variety of drying options. We offer a complete integrated drying system for those smaller bays, as well as a MaxAir stand alone dryer in either four or six producer configurations.

SwingAir Synchronized Motion Drying System

c_swingairThis SwingAir Synchronized Motion Drying System incorporates motion in the center two producers used to help push the water off of the vehicles top surface, allowing the two outside producers to focus on pushing the water off the sides of the vehicle. This synchronized drying system offers a superior dry that your customers will appreciate. The SwingAir is available on both the integrated and stand alone drying systems.

Stand-Alone MaxAir Dryer

c_maxair_dryerAs with all PDQ equipment, the ProTouch ICON can be paired with a MaxAir stand alone dryer in either four or six producer configurations. PDQ's MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer is a breakthrough in dryer performance. MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers.

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