The LaserWash 4000 is no longer in production -
it has been superseded by the LaserWash 360.


For more information on the support channels available to operators of retired products, please visit our PDQ Support Team page.


In 1989, PDQ Manufacturing introduced the LaserWash® 4000, delivering superior touch-free wash results, low operating costs, and satisfied repeat customers. Today, the LaserWash 4000 continues to add profit to an owner's bottom line. Many of PDQ's original customers have expanded their business by adding additional wash bays and sites based on the success they have had with their original LaserWash 4000.

PDQ's commitment to providing value for the customer continues today. Innovations such as the Virtual Treadle® and productivity rinse have increased driver throughput allowing for even more profit growth. Look to PDQ Manufacturing to provide you with the best equipment that consistently out performs the competition.

Retired in 2007, the LaserWash 4000 set the standard in the vehicle wash industry with over 8000 units installed. PDQ will continue to support operators world wide to keep their businesses running smoothly. Current owners/operators of the LaserWash 4000 can find product information online in our Operator Toolkit.


Feature Set

  • Wash Information Management
    • The LaserWash® 4000 computer intelligence allows it to track money, produce valuable management reports, and diagnose problems, while remaining user-friendly.
    • Standard: Keypad Interface, wash event reporting via printer, money tracking and Management reports, pager and email notification available as options, performs 28 safety checks before each customer
  • Vehicle Dryers
    • The LaserDri™ Stand-Alone Dryer featured an attractive appearance and high performance efficiency. With its narrow footprint, the customer's environment is open and inviting. Nothing touches the vehicle or extends in front of it. Even the sides are clear, giving customers confidence to drive slowly under the dryer.
    • The LaserDri™ Docking Dryer raised the level of drying effectiveness without compromising productivity. Swift and smooth, LaserDri is powered up and operational moments before the LaserWash 4000 would complete the rinse cycle. Powerful electromagnets lock the overhead bridges together for smooth and immediate drying passes. Programmable settings provide the flexibility to customize LaserDri to meet market and seasonal needs.
    • MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer - PDQ's MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer is a breakthrough in dryer performance. MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers.
  • Sign Systems
    • The LaserWash 4000 features easy-to-read, user-friendly instructional signage for optional customer clarity and understanding. Clearance, Entrance, and Service Confirmation signage, Menuboard, and Countdown Timer are also available with the ability to customize the menuboard with your own logo.
    • Standard: Instructional Sign (In-bay, backlit), Wash Instruction Sign (exterior, wall mounted)
    • Optional: Entrance Sign (exterior, backlit), Service Confirmation Sign (in-bay, backlit) , Countdown Timer (exterior, LED), Clearance Sign (exterior, backlit)
  • Water Reclamation System
    • The LaserWash 4000 Water Reclamation System offered an economical method of meeting today's water use regulation by reducing water consumption up to 80%. The system was designed to destroy bacteria and control associated reclaim odors as well as remove small particles that would otherwise reduce pump and nozzle life. Two models were available, designed specially to meet the operators requirement for in-bay or equipment room installation.
    • The LaserWash 4000 was also designed to accommodate the action of optional water conditioning equipment, including spot-free (reverse osmosis) water, water softness, and water heaters, to enhance the touch free wash process. Equipment specifications are dependent upon operations size, equipment options, and local water conditions.
    • Standard: Available in 50 or 60 Hz, Ready for installation and requires only power and water connection for start-up, Easy access pump intake check valves, Disposable filters, O3 ozonation system reduces odors
    • Specs: Delivery - 45gpm, Circulation Flow - Over 10 gpm

Common Questions

How can I purchase a LaserWash 4000?
PDQ no longer sells the LaserWash 4000, as it was retired from production in mid 2007. Its successor, the LaserWash 360, is available through one of our distributors. To locate your local distributor, please call PDQ's Sales Department at (800) 227-3373 or +1-920-983-9333 (outside the US). You can also access local distributor information online using PDQ's Distributor locator.

How long had the LaserWash 4000 been in operation?
Since 1990, PDQ had been manufacturing the LaserWash 4000 with shipments well into the thousands. LaserWash is the industry leader in touch free vehicle washing with 99% of its units still in operation. The LaserWash 4000 was retired from production in mid 2007.

How many LaserWash 4000 configurations were available?
LaserWash 4000 was offered in 3 basic configurations: 1) the LaserWash 4000 system only, 2) with an on-board LaserDri dryer, and 3) with a LaserDri stand alone dryer. All three configurations were available to accommodate sites with or without equipment rooms. Many special service and accessory options were also available.

What were the key features of a LaserWash 4000?
The LaserWash 4000 was the pioneer and industry leader in automatic wash systems. The LaserWash 4000 is totally touch free and based on high water pressure with low volume flow. Its ability to measure each vehicle, large or small, was an innovative feature that reduced the consumption of water, wash solutions, and time. The exclusive technology and engineering savvy that operates the LaserWash 4000 is aesthetically finished in white fiberglass and elevated out of the customer's view. All of LaserWash's components are designed to compliment its customer friendly "open bay" concept.

Which cleaning solutions optimize the performance of the LaserWash 4000?
Cleaning solutions are a major factor in the ability of touch free vehicle wash equipment to function well. The LaserWash 4000 will perform with nearly any cleaning solution. A primary variable in the cleaning process is soap temperature. Typically, the higher the temperature, the more active a solution becomes. The LaserWash 4000 offered both an on board solution heating unit for tempered soaps and a hot water injection option to inject tempered water into any high-pressure application.

Did PDQ offer a vehicle drying option(s)?
Yes, the LaserWash 4000 offered 2 unique drying options. First, the LaserDri free-standing dryer requires the customer to drive underneath and through the system. The customer controls the drying process by speeding or slowing their vehicle. The LaserDri freestanding dryer was available in either 30 hp or 40 hp models. Second, the LaserDri on-board dryer is an automatic, rail-mounted system. The 30 hp on-board dryer docks to the LaserWash 4000 bridge and passes over the stationary vehicle. This provides a consistent drying experience while adding customer convenience. The entire process works in unison with and is controlled by LaserWash's computer controller, the LaserMind.

Can the LaserWash 4000 automatically contact me if a malfunction should occur?
Yes, the LaserWash 4000 offered a modem with pager feature to monitor the LaserWash's status. This system requires a phone line connection to the LaserWash's computer controller, the LaserMind. The LaserMind will send a "fault" page should the system experience an interruption. The page is reference-coded, describing the nature of the fault. This allows the operator to know precisely what the problem is prior to arriving at the site. Should the system automatically recover after a "fault", a "machine restored" page is sent.

A newly released enhancement for the LaserWash 4000 is LaserNET. This enhancement will allow those "faults" to be sent to a cell phone or email address and eliminate the need for an analog pager (internet connection required at your site location).

Did the LaserWash 4000 require an equipment room?
No, the LaserWash 4000 could be configured for a location with or without an equipment room. The optional Slimline Pump Station allows the operator to install the pumping equipment in the wash bay itself, provided the wash bay is wide enough. PDQ also offered an in-bay water softener to support the Slimline Pump Station.

Did the LaserWash 4000 measure the entire vehicle?
Yes, the LaserWash 4000 measured both the vehicle's width and length. The right side wheel stop, in conjunction with the right side width sensor, electronically measures and stores the vehicle's width. Then, the side "tee-bars" electronically measures the length of the vehicle. These measurements then drive the movement of the spray arch for optimum cleaning distance.


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