Above Ground Maintenance, Above and Beyond Performance

OPW’s state-of-the-art Loop System offers unparalleled environmental security and hassle-free inspection for gasoline, diesel and high-flow fueling operations. Fueling stations, contractors and distributors can all enjoy the benefits of this system’s pre-fabricated, cost-effective components. The Loop System’s factory-assembled pieces translate into dramatically less field labor, associated cost and potential for installation errors. Fully accessible above ground via curved piping and built-in test ports, this network of sumps, couplings and pipes can be maintained and repaired without excavation.

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See for yourself how fast and easy installing the Loop System can be. This station's Loop System delivered cost and time savings at installation, and continues to deliver savings wby performing all maintenance and upkeep above ground.

From the underground storage tank (UST) to the nozzle tip, OPW has engineered a collection of fueling system components that dispense fuel efficiently, cleanly and without water intrusion, all while being accessible for above ground maintenance.

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Loop System Features

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50% Faster Installation Times

  • Sumps pre-assembled at factory
  • Cuts installation time from 4-5 days to 1
  • Requires fewer people to make piping connections
  • Fittings do not require stripping of jackets
  • Do not have to wait for glues to cure or welding dwell times
Faster Install = Lower Costs
and More Uptime
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100% Accessible No Breaking Concrete

  • All primary piping is contained in access pipe for easy removal
  • 45-degree sump wall angles allow pipe to be retracted through sump without the need to remove the dispenser
  • Shallow bury sumps allow access to the bottom of sump beneath dispenser from above grade
  • Fitting repair or cleaning out of sump can be accomplished above grade through the dispenser door
Lower Overall Cost;
Helps Prevent Downtime Losses
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Double Containment Protection

  • OPW UL 971-listed double-wall pipe with more than 20 years of proven performance
  • Flexible piping allows continuous runs between all sumps, eliminating any joints or piping connections buried in the ground
  • No buried joints mean no potential leaks directly into the underground environment
  • Access pipe resists crushing and punctures while protecting the primary pipe and provides another layer of protection against exposure to the environment
Reduces Risk of Environmental Mishaps,
Non-Compliance and Fines
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Completely Testable

  • Shallow sumps allow quicker and less expensive hydrostatic testing (now required every 3 years by the EPA)
  • Built-in test ports on stainless steel double-wall coupling eliminates the need for temporary rubber test boots
  • Permanent test ports allow easy re-testing or continuous monitoring of piping interstitial space
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End-to-End Monitoring

  • Stainless-steel couplings with built-in test ports and rugged test assemblies allow vacuum or brine continuous monitoring of the piping system
  • Small interstitial space in OPW double-wall piping makes detecting a leak quicker and simpler than other double-wall piping systems
  • Piping can be removed and inspected without breaking concrete
  • Shallow sumps bring components close to the surface for easy inspection or testing
Total Underground System Visibility
and Rapid Response
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Fewer Parts to Stock and Install

  • Easy to order
  • One Loop part number includes the sump, entry fittings, stabilizer bars and shear valves
  • Distributors can easily spec out material list with pre-fabricated part numbers and fewer line items
  • Fewer loose parts for contractor to manage at busy job sites and cluttered job trailers
Saves Time,
Money and Hassles

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