OPW Fuel Control Phoenix For Windows Startup Checklist

Instructions for the training technicians:
A guideline checklist has been created for use during a Phoenix for Windows software training session.
  1. Use the attached guideline for conducting Phoenix software training.
  2. Insure the customer's email and phone information is recorded on the form.
  3. Check each category on the list as the subject matter is covered.
  4. If the customer/trainee does not want or require any subject matter, enter appropriate comments for that category.
  5. Make sure the form is completed with all information.
  6. After the startup/training is completed, the OPW Phoenix training coordinator will send a confirmation email to the customer/trainee. This email will reflect subject matter covered and subject matter declined by the customer/trainee. The email will ask the customer/trainee for their evaluation of the training and if they require further information on the software.
  7. After receipt of a reply to the email, the OPW Phoenix training coordinator will make the appropriate entry in the OPW CRM system call notes for the startup training.
It is the obligation of the certified trainer to complete and return this form to OPW FMS for processing.