OPW Fuel Management Systems Adds Automatic Vehicle Identification to Fuel Control Lineup

By OPW | Jun 03, 2019

OPW Fuel Management Systems, part of Dover Fueling Solutions, has introduced new Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) technology, which provides fleets the highest level of fuel security, accountability, control and convenience.

AVI is part of the PV Enterprise class of OPW Fuel Management Systems’ new PV Family of Fuel Control Solutions. When used in conjunction with a compatible fuel island terminal and fuel site controller, AVI utilizes a Passive Vehicle Tag, a Radio Frequency Nozzle, Vehicle Identification Device (VID) and Vehicle Identification System (VIS) to automate fueling authorization, dispenser activation and data capture. These components work together to prevent high-cost fuel theft incidents and to collect the most accurate fueling and vehicle data. The system is compatible with OPW Fuel Management Systems’ Phoenix® software, which offers comprehensive reporting options and enables operators to export data in CSV, SDF, Excel or XML formats.

“Because the system doesn’t require manual data entry from the driver, AVI is the clear-cut answer to definitive fuel control and valid data capture,” said OPW Fuel Management Systems Domestic Sales Manager Bobby Hayes. “Drivers can simply pull up to the dispenser, fuel up and go, while the system automatically tracks the fueling transaction by driver and/or vehicle for seamless inventory management.” 

OPW Fuel Management Systems’ AVI is Available in 3 Packages:

 Tag Only: Identifies vehicle and captures date, time and the fuel quantity pumped into the vehicle   

Engine Hours: Includes everything in the Tag Only package, plus it captures the engine hours

Mileage: Includes everything in the Engine Hours package, plus it captures the odometer reading

The scalable AVI solution doesn’t require a wired connection between the tag and the VID, or the tag and the VIS. This wireless approach significantly simplifies installation.

To learn more about OPW Fuel Management Systems’ AVI system, visit  http://www.opwglobal.com/avi or call Domestic Sales Manager Bobby Hayes at (770) 605-9611.