Case Study: OPW Fuel Management Solutions Help Simple Energy Become Self-Sufficient

By OPW | Dec 13, 2016
OPW-C-OPT-Simple-EnergyFounded in 2006, Simple Energy – a heating company in West Lebanon, New Hampshire – needed to remain competitive amid an increasingly consolidated industry dominated by out-of-state or international companies. To do so, Simple Energy not only had to leverage its unique value proposition as a local energy provider, but it had to continuously adapt its operations to keep things simple for its customers, remain efficient and have the tools to support future growth. This case study written by OPW Fuel Management Systems Commercial District Manager Jim Desautels outlines how OPW’s integrated fluid-transfer, tank-monitoring and fuel-control systems have helped Simple Energy eliminate its dependence on third-party fuel suppliers. By using these systems to run a bulk storage operation and fuel its own fleet vehicles, Simple Energy has resolved its immediate supply issues and tapped into a new revenue stream that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Download the case study to learn more.