OPW-FMS Open House Is a Huge Success!

OPW FMS 2017 Open House - Customer Service
OPW Fuel Management Systems opened its doors this fall to warmly welcome almost 100 distributors and channel partners for an open house at its manufacturing facility just outside of Chicago, IL.

OPW FMS 2017 Open House Gallery Image

Held in conjunction with the 2017 PEI convention in Chicago, the OPW-FMS open house provided visitors with an opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at OPW-FMS. Seven OPW-FMS leaders guided small groups of guests through a tour of the plant that included stops on the production floor, the testing lab, engineering, customer service, the warehouse, the training room, a fueling area and more.

“It was great to see so much interest in OPW-FMS operations,” said Scott Rutherford, Director, Fuel Management Systems. “OPW has a long history of product innovation. It was really nice to be able to offer our partners a glimpse into the people and processes that make that innovation happen.”

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