FMS Explains How to Make the Most of Equipment Investments

Integra 100, PetroVend 200, Phoenix SQL and FSC3000
In an April article published on Government Fleet’s website, FMS Domestic Sales Manager Bobby Hayes advises fleet managers about how to maximize their investments in fuel control equipment by developing a long-term equipment acquisition strategy. In the article, he makes the following recommendations:

Increase awareness of cost cycles and take advantage of them to optimize the timing of capital investments. Investing in fuel control assets when fuel prices are relatively flat, helps fleets minimize budgetary pain during times of rising costs. 

Invest in modular, upgradeable and scalable systems to maximize service life. OPW FMS leverages this principle in both tank gauging and fuel control solutions. 

Leverage data analytics provided by software to create operational efficiences. Fuel management software, such as OPW’s Phoenix SQL® and Phoenix SQL Lite®, offer much more than inventory reports. From streamlining compliance reporting management to interfacing with fleet maintenance and back-office software, Phoenix leverages powerful metrics that create efficiencies throughout fleet operations.

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