A Fresh Approach to Fuel Control

PetroVend 200, PetroVend 100, Phoenix SQL Lite, Wireless Ethernet Product
New Terminals, Software and Accessories Emphasize Adaptability at the Fuel Site

A refreshed Fuel Control product line is beginning to emerge at OPW Fuel Management Systems (OPW FMS).

OPW FMS recently introduced the Petro Vend 200 (PV200) Fuel Island Terminal, released new features for the Petro Vend 100® (PV100) Fuel Control System and expanded its line of connectivity options with its Wireless Ethernet. An EMV-ready Fuel Island Terminal also is in development. In addition, in Q4 of last year, FMS began offering a 60-day trial for its new Phoenix SQL Lite software. These initiatives, as well as others that are in the works, reflect a commitment from OPW FMS to deliver the fuel management solutions that today’s fleet managers and cardlock sites need to optimize their operations.

New Terminals

At WPMA in February, OPW introduced its new PV200. In addition, OPW FMS expanded the PV100’s feature set to support 2 or 4 fueling points, 1,000 cards, a ChipKey® Reader and driver and vehicle verification. To meet a variety of site configurations, both terminals are available in three pedestal heights, including heights that meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

The two terminals offer a glimpse of the future of FMS-led fuel control solutions, which emphasize adaptability, scalability and upgradeability. 

“Commercial fuel sites need modular fuel control solutions that help them adapt to changing needs with as limited interruption of service as possible. Achieving this through integrated product solutions is an ongoing mission for OPW FMS product development,” said FMS Fuel Control Product Manager Rich Klima. 

New Software

The new Windows®-based Phoenix SQL Lite™ fuel management software from OPW Fuel Management Systems represents an ideal upgrade path for Phoenix Premier™ and Phoenix Plus™ users. Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, the software supports OPW’s FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller-based fuel control systems, including the PV200, K800 Hybrid™, C/OPT™ and FIT500™. OPW is offering a free, 60-day trial of Phoenix SQL Lite at www.opwglobal.com/phoenix-sql-lite-trial-request.aspx. More than 125 people have requested a trial of the software in the short time that it has been available. 

New Connectivity

OPW’s new Wireless Ethernet provides a wireless connection between an FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller or an OPW tank gauge and a remote Ethernet connection. It is an ideal solution for fuel sites where direct wired connections may be too costly. The plug-and-play alternative to Ethernet cable requires no configuration, and 128-bit AES encryption provides secure communications.

And there’s more to come.

“We look forward to building more customer value in the tradition of Petro Vend and OPW with several new fuel control products in subsequent quarters,” said FMS Global Product Manager Pete Neil.

Project Overview