See Your Fleet More Clearly CivaConnect’s remote monitoring provides visibility of your fleet

CivaConnect is a WiFi-driven data-management system that gives owners and dispatchers complete real-time visibility and reporting for an entire fleet in a convenient and easy-to-use digital dashboard.

No Fuel Left Behind Automatically detects and self-diagnoses fuel-retain conditions

Because fuel shortages hurt driver/station relationships, and mixed fuel can cause time-consuming cleanups and compromise customer vehicles, CivaCommand’s automatic retain-detection technology virtually prevents fuel shortages from occurring.

  • Prevents fuel shortages – Dispensing the correct, complete amount of fuel ensures fuel stations get exactly what they ordered
  • Less downtime – Self-diagnosing probes reduce maintenance downtime in addressing retain and overfill conditions
  • Fights crossover – Leftover fuel, if not addressed, can cause octane and gasoline-diesel mixups when tank trucks return to their terminals

Eliminate Costly Crossover The Crossover Prevention System (COPS) alerts driver and prevents cross-drops.

CivaCommand’s COPS prevents cross-contamination from happening to you. COPS is engineered to alert and stop the driver from accidentally making a fuel cross-drop.

  • Keeps fuel compatible – Correct fuel station delivery stops low-octane gas from getting into a sports car and diesel from getting into a gas-powered vehicle
  • Stop it at the source – COPS helps prevent the wrong fuel product from getting into the wrong compartment at the source
  • Protects reputations – Incorrect deliveries hurt driver/station relationships and potentially damage customer vehicles

Digital Overfill Protection Automatic overfill-prevention system

Unlike old analog systems, CivaCommand’s digital monitoring provides continuous protection against overfills. Its built-in fault logging delivers real-time data for troubleshooting and automatic control of the valves during loading and unloading.

  • Digital monitoring provides continuous protection against overfills
  • Built-in fault logging delivers real-time data for troubleshooting
  • Controls CivaStar and valves during loading and unloading to protect the tank

Protects Against Theft Anti-theft security protects fuel

CivaCommand’s APIs have pneumatic-locks to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Incorporated into standard Civacon components
  • Fault log and user tracking
  • Secure access with PIN identification