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Belanger offers innovative vehicle wash system products that maximize revenue potential and exceptional cleaning performance. From complete systems to components and extra services, Belanger products help minimize maintenance downtime, while maximizing wash performance.

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From tunnel car washes to touchless or soft-touch in-bay automatic, drive-thru or large vehicle washes, Belanger offers complete wash systems that maximizes revenue potential and exceptional cleaning performance.

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From conveyors to prep washers, foamers to arches, dryers and extra services, Belanger components help minimize maintenance downtime, while maximizing wash performance.

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Prep Jet System™

PrepJetSystem6Many wash operators choose to manually prep the most heavily soiled vehicles before the wash process. Doing so helps ensure the best wash result for every customer while supplying the automated wash equipment with a consistent 'starting point' that helps it perform at its peak wash efficiency.

For these applications, Belanger offers the Prep Jet System™. Built to fit in space-limited loading areas, it occupies just over 5 square feet. Small on space but big on power, the system includes two holders and gun wands, each delivering 1000 PSI @ 8 GPM – more than twice the power of an average self-service spray wand.

To achieve this, the Prep Jet System™ is powered by a proven workhorse – a genuine 7-1/2 HP CAT 560 Series Pump. This is the 'heart and soul' of the Prep Jet System™, and it enables two workers to simultaneously prep the vehicle for maximum pre-cleaning, even in high-throughput environments.

Because effective prep work relies on a steady supply of properly mixed cleaning solution, the Prep Jet System™ also includes an on-board solution tank with HydroMinder™. This ensures a consistent delivery of cleaning solution, with true 'set and forget' calibration of the correct dilution ratio.


Features & Benefits

CAT 560 Pump Long life
Heavy duty polyethylene Tank Resists corrosion
0-5 minute on/off function Eliminates unwanted pump wear
Elastomeric coupler Absorbs shock between pump and motor
Frame mounted and pre-plumbed Easy installation

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